Medication Adherence App vs Pill Organizer: Which Approach Will Work Better?

Medication Adherence App vs Pill Organizer: Which Approach Will Work Better?

Remembering to take pills without the help of tools can be challenging. Between balancing medicines with varied dosing schedules and recalling which doses you’ve already taken in a given day, trying to do it alone can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are a couple of helpful tools to help you stay on track: medication adherence mobile apps and pill organizers.

Both are effective at helping you stay on top of your regimen, but how can we compare a medication adherence app vs pill organizers to help you find the best fit for your needs?

Let's discuss how each tool works so we can understand the medication adherence app vs pill organizers debate.

What is a Medication Adherence App?

Medication adherence apps, primarily found on smartphones or smart devices, aim to help users stay on track with their schedules.

While features can vary, all medication adherence apps come with alerts that you can customize to fit your dosing schedule and a logging feature to track which doses have been taken on a given day.

This allows you to verify that all of your medicines have been taken at the correct times and in the proper amounts without relying on your memory.

Some medication adherence apps also contain other convenient features, like syncing between devices like smartwatches and tablets or uploadable reports that can be shared with your doctor to add an extra layer of accountability.

What is a Pill Organizer?

Pill organizers, also called pill cases or boxes, are physical devices containing at least one internal compartment capable of holding medicines. They can be as small as 2” long for traveling with supplements and up to 10” long for managing complex regimens over multiple weeks.

But what is a pill case made of?

Pill organizers are made from various materials, from plastics to sturdy metals like aluminum and steel. The different pill organizer sections within each case serve as a tangible visual reminder that helps promote medication adherence.

Hold on, do pills go bad if not in a bottle?

The answer will depend on the materials of your case. Cheap plastic cases are often less effective at keeping your pills from going bad than standard pharmacy bottles.

On the other hand, metal pill organizers, especially those from industry-leading brands like Ikigai Cases, are safer for your pills than the plastic bottles you receive from a pharmacy!

Now that you know the basics of each tool, let’s switch gears to talk about the medication adherence app vs pill organizer debate.

Medication Adherence App vs Pill Organizer: Which Will Help You Stay on Track?

While both tools do a great job of improving your ability to stay on track with your regimen, there are critical differences between each that will affect which is better for your lifestyle.

Effectiveness in Ensuring Medication Adherence

Both tools are renowned for improving medication adherence but do so in slightly different ways.

Adherence apps offer alerts and reminders on devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. This provides a convenient way to remember to take pills, even when on the go. Many apps also offer logging to ensure you never miss a dose or accidentally take an extra one.

However, the downside of adherence apps alone is that often, your reminders are separate from your pills themselves. If you receive a mobile notification while at work but forget to bring your pill bottle, you are then stuck in the same boat you would be without an app at all.

Pill organizers don’t have virtual alerts, but they make up for this by providing a helpful visual reminder and being portable.

For example, let’s say you are flying with pills on a business trip or vacation. The moment you open your luggage or dig through your pockets, you’ll be reminded to take your medicine thanks to your physical case.

Pill cases are also even better at allowing you to verify how many doses have been taken in a given day. If you correctly fill your case with the right number of pills, you can always count the remaining tablets to confirm which doses have already been covered. This can be even more effective than medication adherence apps, which often need to be manually logged.

Accessibility and User-Friendliness of Each Approach

With unlimited access to technology and suitable knowledge, medication adherence apps can be highly accessible and convenient. However, without a smart device, internet access, or technological expertise, the learning curve for apps can be extremely steep and may further complicate your medicine regimen.

On the other hand, learning how to use a pill organizer is much easier. Cases make packing pills for travel much more straightforward, as you can consolidate many bottles into one case. 

Even if you don’t travel much, you can still fill a pill organizer faster than it takes to bring several bottles to work, appointments, or other events where you need quick access to medicine.

Some pill organizers also come with accessibility features not found on pill bottles, like easy-to-open latches suitable for those with mobility impairments or braille engravings for those with visual impairments.

In addition to serving as a handy visual reminder,  it is possible to decorate a pill organizer with custom paint colors or designs. This can add some fun to your medicine regimen, increasing the odds you stay on track with your dosing schedules.

Cost and Maintenance Consideration

Medication adherence apps range from free or low-cost apps to paid subscriptions. However, many free apps lack essential features like logging or contain cumbersome advertisements that can interfere with your regimen.

Apps also require regular maintenance in the form of software updates. While you only have to download these updates, many apps release updated visuals or new features that are confusing and require you to re-learn how to use them.

On the other hand, pill case costs are a one-time upfront investment without monthly fees. If you invest in durable pill organizers made of aluminum or steel, your case will last for years.

The only upkeep a case needs is regular cleaning. Learning how to clean a pill organizer is relatively simple: You just need to wash the internal compartments with water and light soap using a dry cloth towel. Be sure to allow the internal compartments to dry entirely before re-adding pills.

We recommend doing so between filling your case for the week, though you can adjust your schedule as needed.

Why Not Use Both a Medication Adherence App and a Pill Organizer?

We’ve been focused on the medication adherence app vs pill organizer debate, but what about using both?

Using both in tandem, even if you already use one or the other, has a few benefits.

For example, each tool is a backup reminder for the other. If you brought your pill case in your work bag but forgot to put it on your desk, a mobile app could remind you when to take your medicine.

On the flip side, if you leave your phone at home or forget to charge it but still bring your pill case with you, the case can act as a visual reminder instead of a mobile alert.

Each tool can also supplement the other in terms of tracking. Pill organizers provide excellent visual monitoring as you can always count the number of pills to confirm how many doses are left in a day. At the same time, mobile apps allow you to track your dosing schedule over a long period.

Overall, if you are trying to build a strong habit of remembering to take your pills, having an extra tool in your tool belt can be extremely helpful.

Now that you know how to use these two helpful tools, you only need to figure out where to get pill organizers!

Shop Ikigai Cases and Streamline Your Medication Adherence Today!

Pill cases play an essential role in medicine management, as they are an accessible option that can last for years without requiring technology.

However, not all pill cases on the market live up to the hype. We know firsthand the issues present in many cheap and low-quality cases.

Before founding Ikigai Cases, we watched as our father, who lives with a neurological condition, struggled to stay on top of his complex dosage schedule when using cheap plastic cases. Often, these cases would break or be too difficult for him to open due to mobility impairments.

We decided enough was enough and created a unique pill and vitamin organizer that went above and beyond. After some tinkering and testing, we settled on our present designs, featuring aluminum 6061-T6, the same metal found in Apple products, and an innovative latch accessible to all.

Our products can be used as travel pill organizers thanks to their TSA-approved designs or simply kept on your bathroom countertop as a critical visual reminder. All our cases are anodized, providing extra protection and the ability to add custom colors or engravings.

We carry cases in several sizes for different regimens:

  • Daily pill organizers that are perfect for bringing to work or on-the-go.
  • Weekly pill organizers, which you can fill once a week to stay on track.
  • Twice a day pill organizers for regimens that require morning and evening doses.
  • We are so confident you will love Ikigai Cases that we offer a 100% refund policy and comprehensive warranty. Our team will work to ensure you are delighted and able to stay on track with your medicines with the help of our cases.

    Bringing Our Comparison of the Medication Adherence App vs Pill Organizer to a Close

    Medication apps and pill cases are beneficial tools to keep you on track with your regimens. While pill cases are more accessible than apps for many people, you can use both tools in tandem for an extra layer of redundancy to keep you on track.

    If you enjoyed exploring the differences between a medication adherence app vs pill organizers, check out our blog! Other recent guides we’ve released include DIY pill organizers, is there a pill case where the days don’t rub off, and fixing a broken pill case.

    Otherwise, if you’re ready to introduce a new physical and visual cue to help you stay on top of your regimen, you can find the best pill organizers at Ikigai Cases. Our products are created with 100% aluminum 6061-T6, built to last for years, and featuring stylish designs that make it easy to stay on top of your dosages.

    Browse our inventory or contact our team to find the perfect case for your needs today!

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