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Weekly AM-PM Case 2.0
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2-Week Vitamin Case
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What is an Ikigai Pill Case?

Every Ikigai Pill Case is a stylish, functional and durable pill organizer made from 100% metal. 

What material are Ikigai Cases made from?

Ikigai Cases are made from anodized aluminum 6061-T6. The same aluminum alloy used by Apple for their Macbooks. 

How many colors are available for the anodize finish?

Ikigai Cases are available in 10 different colors: Aluminum, Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Black, Designer Red, Bahama Blue, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Pink Panther, Purple Haze and Ikigai Orange.

How many storage options are available?

Ikigai Cases are designed to organize pills, vitamins and supplements using pockets.

There are two pocket sizes - pill cases (regular) and vitamin cases (large).

The largest size (vitamin cases) can hold 1-15 medium sized pills in each storage pocket.

Please refer to the storage section down below on the product page for better information to help you find the perfect size fit.

How do the lids work?

Push down on the thumb pad and slide to easily open your case when needed. 

On the underside of the lid, there are pockets that will catch the spring loaded ball as it slides open.

The spring loaded ball snaps perfectly into the ball-shaped cutout beneath the lid to reveal the next pocket so you can dump out your pills without having to use your fingers to grab them. 

Why are they designed this way? 

The lid functionality was designed with my Dad's neurological condition in mind. In order to work for him, the Ikigai Case lid needed to be

 (1) completely secure when closed, even in a backpack, purse, or toiletry bag with other things

(2) easy to open for someone with limited feeling in their fingers 

(3) easy to use for someone with hand tremors without spilling their pills

The case is opened and closed using a sliding top lid secured by a hidden spring-loaded ball detente beneath the lid.

How do Ikigai Cases stay securely closed?

Underneath the lid, there is a spring-loaded ball that pushes up into ball-shaped pockets on the underside of the lid. 

Only a human pushing down and sliding at the same time can open the lid. 

Other pill organizers use buttons which can be accidentally opened when the case is stored in a toiletry bag, backpack or purse. 

How are Ikigai Cases easy to open for someone with limited feeling in their fingers? 

For someone with limited feeling in their fingers, grabbing and twisting open a bottle lid or snapping open a flip-top plastic lid can be difficult. 

To open your Ikigai Case, push down on the thumb pad and slide to easily open your case when needed. This motion is intuitive because it mimics tapping and sliding down with your thumb on an iPhone. 

In the event of partial paralysis, an Ikigai Case can still be opened using any part of the arm or body with focused pressure applied down followed by a sliding motion as long as the case body is held in place for the individual. 

How are Ikigai Cases easy to use for someone with hand tremors without spilling their pills?

By only revealing one pocket at a time, Ikigai Cases limit the effects of hand tremors by revealing only the next pocket and allowing you to dump out an entire pocket at once. 

Other pill organizers that reveal multiple pockets at the same time are difficult for someone with hand tremors to use because they force you to use your fingers to grab pills from each compartment.

If a violent hand tremor occurs when multiple pockets are showing, it can lead to you dumping out the entire case by accident. 

This keeps the lid from moving without permission. 

The types of pill cases on the market today

There are several types of pill cases, pill boxes and pill organizers to consider when making your purchase.

  • Travel Pill Case
  • Weekly Pill Organizer 
  • Extra Large Pill Organizer
  • Weekly Pill Case
  • Weekly Vitamin Case
  • Daily Pill Case
  • Cute Pill Box
  • Daily Vitamin Case
  • Large Weekly Pill Case
  • Nano Extra Small Travel Case 
  • Mission Pill Case
  • Daily AM/PM Case
  • Monthly Pill Organizer
  • Metal Pill Organizer
  • Weekly AM/PM Case
  • Metal Pill Case

We have pill cases that meet many of these criteria and are designing cases to meet the rest. Stay tuned.

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