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Real Customers.
Amazing 5-star Reviews. 

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100% metal pill cases.
Weekly Pill Case
Regular price$94.00
Weekly Vitamin Case
Regular price$98.00
Weekly Vitamin XL Case
Regular price$102.00
Weekly AM-PM Pill Case 2.0
Regular price$120.00
Weekly AM-PM Vitamin Case 2.0
Nano Pill Case
Regular price$42.00
Mission Pill Case
Regular price$74.00
Mission Vitamin Case
Regular price$79.00
Weekly Pill Cases (2-Pack)
Regular price$188.00$165.00
Weekly Vitamin Cases (2-Pack)
Regular price$196.00$175.00
Weekly Vitamin XL Cases (2-Pack)
Regular price$204.00$185.00
Weekly Pill + Mission Pill Cases (Combo Pack)
Regular price$168.00$145.00

We engrave your custom text and days of the week right into the metal.

It's the perfect detail to truly make this pill case yours.

Based on 1614 reviews
Nano Pill Case
Hillard Bowe
Extremely well made pill case!

These cases are extremely robust! They have nice curved corners so I don't feel likely they'll wear out my pocket. The lid is nice and secure but not difficult to open either. Get one!

Mission Pill Case
John Hyland

Perfect size - fits in my palm. Got me through a 2 week trip to Europe.

I love my cases!

I recently bought three cases for my daily and a.m. and p.m. pill needs. I really can’t emphasize enough how much I like them. They hold all the pills I need; they look stylish and they are much safer than trying to put plastic cases in a Ziploc bag and hoping they make it through any travel mishaps that may happen to my bag. They rock!🪨

Nano Pill Case
Alexandra Kiss

Just added the tiny travel case to my collection ! Perfect for when I forget to take my medicine before I leave the house. I love it so much- fits even in my tiniest purse.

Now I know whether I took my meds.

I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger on this purchase! I dithered for a while because it seemed indulgent to spend so much on something not strictly necessary. But I’m officially middle-aged and was forgetting whether or not I’d taken my meds. No more! The cases are superb quality, the bright colors are fab, and the engraving means I can tell whether or not I’ve taken my medication. Highly recommend!

Well made and so nice looking

Just gave as a gift so they haven’t been used yet, but these are so well made and I think will be a fantastic alternative to little bags all over the counter! Roomy enough to hold a lot of pills without being bulky.

Weekly Pill Case
Kurk Anderson
these will last a lifetime

we have had several different types of pillowcases over the past 20 years. They were either too small or too big or broke leaving us using scotch tape to hold them together. These cases are amazing virtually indestructible, and easy to use. They will last a lifetime.

Pretty pretty cases!

I’m a 41 year old MD with a chronic inflammatory arthritis, hypertension, etc— and I’ve been using lame dollar store pill cases since my late twenties, that certainly do not add any flair to to annoyance of taking my several daily pills. What does? These fab cases. Long overdue! Also, no more pill shower in my toiletry bag when traveling (how dare those dollar store cases pop open?!). These bad boys are as sturdy as they are pretty.

Weekly Vitamin Case
Clark DeBry
Amazing cases

Besides buying one, I bought three: one for everyday stuff, and two for when I travel. Absolutely amazing cases.

Incredible Pill Case! Great colors.

I received my pill case for AM/PM, the metal case will last forever. The workmanship is incredible and the colors are great. Finally I can get rid of the plastic cases that break. Thank you!

Mission Pill Case
E. Hoffman
Color, feel, durability

This case is exactly as advertised. Extremely well built, easily engraved, very satisfying detent and feel.

Weekly Vitamin Case
Carson Kelly
Industrial pill case is awesome

I had in my mind to have a really cool solid pill case that I could have for a long time that wasn’t plastic nonsense. I didn’t think they existed because I was probably the only guy in the world to want to such a thing. 2 weeks later Ikigai cases showed up in my feed.
I LOVE THIS CASE. It is rugged well built and the engraving inside for the days of the week was totally worth the $10 bucks. I will be a life long customer.

A precision work or art

Best pill box ever. Exceptionally well made- precision machining and flawless anodizing. Just trying to decide which one to buy next. Pricey but definitely head and shoulders above all the other junk out there.

I'm enjoying this little luxury item, and glad to be done with the plastic ones. These are well designed, the sliding cover works well, and no worries about spilling pills. Super sturdy, I imagine that these will be the last pill cases that I ever need to buy.

Double Check Engravings

These pill cases are a lesson in quality metal craftsmanship. It’s such a pleasure to feel the way the sliding lid softly clicks into place at each day location. Since I bought a pair in black and silver, I swapped the lids for a two-tone effect.

Weekly Pill Case
Alexandra K.

I was looking for a permanent replacement to my plastic daily pill cases as the label text always rubbed off eventually. I am so confident this case will last me a lifetime. I decorated mine with stickers :)

I absolutely love my XL pull case! I have had for two weeks now and it already has quite a number of miles of it! Looking forward to using it for a long time to come!!

Nano Pill Case
Douglas H.

I actually use the nano as a good way to carry my daily supply of Zyn so I'm not lugging a tin around with me. Works perfectly!

Double Check Engravings
Michael R.

The cases are beautifully fabricated and built like a brick sh_t house! They will easily outlast me which is both heartening and depressing!

Nano Pill Case
Paula L.

Could anything be cuter? Loving my little pill case. So easy to pop it in my purse!! Thanks for a good product!

Nano Pill Case
David B.

I love my small pill case. I carry it in my pocket. It goes everywhere with me. Study and conpact

Double Check Engravings
daniel m.

I love my cases. If you’re looking for an unusual gift or just a reward for yourself, this is it. I will purchase again.

Double Check Engravings
Jenn Q.

These are beautifully made. They feel sturdy and the finish is lovely. I highly recommend.

Expensive, but worth every penny! Very well made and I love the way the lid will stop at each compartment! Highly recommend!

Nano Pill Case
Annie M.

I’ve already had 2 friends ask me where I got my case. It is so well made and feels luxury. The color is so vibrant and awesome. I honestly want more!!!! Who has ever felt cool about pulling out a pill case to show off? With these you can show-off I ain’t lyin!

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