Do Pills Go Bad In A Pill Case? - Answered

Do Pills Go Bad In A Pill Case? - Answered

Do Pills Go Bad If You Move Them Into A Pill Case?

Pills become a major part of your life as you get older, and this is why it is important to make sure you look after them effectively. There are so many different pills you might need to take, and different times of the day or week you might require them. Some pills are taken daily as part of a routine, whilst others are taken as and when they are needed, 

Being able to find the perfect options for pill storage is important, and this is why many people look to get weekly or 7-day pill containers to help them be more organized with their medication. But one of the key concerns a lot of people have is how pills might be affected when they are removed from their bottles or foil blister packs and deposited into cases. So here are a few of the things to consider when trying to determine how this works, and what you need to consider. 

Every Pill Is Different

The key thing to remember is that it depends on the specific tablets, and where they are going to be put. Obviously, pills are put into blister packs for a specific purpose, otherwise you could just buy them directly in cases. So, the best things to do would be to take your tablets into the local pharmacist and ask them what they think. These are people with a wealth of knowledge, who are going to be well-versed in being able to give you their informed, expert opinion on the matter. 

Now, this is, of course, the optimum strategy, but it might not be feasible for you to do this very easily, for any number of reasons. So, you need to have some kind of strategy to work on that can help you to figure out whether it is a good idea or not. Here are some of the key things to consider when you are trying to make an informed decision about this:

Pills in Foil Blister Packs

  • If the tablet is dissolvable in your mouth or under your tongue then you should not remove it from the blister pack unless you are using it right away. The humidity and moisture in the air can spoil it.
  • If there is a warning on the carton or packaging the blister packs come in that says the tablets might be sensitive to moisture, then again, you should not move them into a pill case.
  • Sensitivity to light is another factor that should stop you from removing them from blister packs. If the pills need protection from the light then you should not remove them unless it is to store them in a dark place for a short period of time. 
  • Most tablets will be fine if you are going to add them to a daily pill box where you are taking a dosage at least once daily. Daily pill organizers are perfect for keeping on top of the tablets you need to be taking at the right times, and this is something that you need to consider. The majority of tablets will be okay in an organizer like this for a week or two. Of course, you should think twice if it is tablets that are very sensitive to light and moisture, and these should ideally be left in the blister pack.
  • You should not remove from the blister pack if you are going to be putting the pills in a pile on the countertop. They will spoil sooner or later, but they will also pose a potential hazard to people and animals who find them and may consume them. Don’t leave the blister packs laying around either if it can be helped.
  • Transferring the tablets to a bottle is a possibility, though you will need to be vigilant if you’re going to do this. Blister pack medication has an expiry date worked out and based on the fact that it is being stored in a blister pack. So, you need to understand the ramifications of this, and the fact that removing them will impact this date. However, if you are sensible about it and you label things, a bottle can be a perfectly good option for pill storage. 
  • Taking a single tablet out to put it into a bowl for taking later that day is something you should be looking to get right as much as possible. There are loads of excellent ideas that will help you to improve the way you organide your tablets, and a bowl is fine, provided it isn’t out for more than a couple of days. Remembering to take your pills at the right times is so important, so there is a lot to think about with this. 

There are plenty of elements to think about when it comes to making the right decisions regarding your tablets, and you need to find what works for you. Now, in most cases it probably makes more sense to leave the tablets in a blister pack so that they don’t spoil. But you need to make sure you focus on the choice that works the best for you. There is nothing to say that you cannot remove the tablets from their blister packs and store them in a pill case, but you need to consider what this means. So, there are a lot of options that you need to consider when it comes to trying to make the right decisions here. 

Pills in Plastic Prescription Bottles

  • Pills that are prescribed to you that come in plastic bottles are more likely to be okay to transfer to a pill case.
  • Normally if they are given in plastic bottle they are less likely to be affected by moisture and sunlight. This DOES NOT mean they are not affected by moisture or sunlight. It only means they are likely less affected.
  • Read if your pills need to be kept within a certain temperature range. Many pills aren't affected by a little light or moisture, but the temperature is an important factor in their effectiveness.
  • Transfering pills from a plastic prescription bottle into a daily pill organizer is normally okay, as long as you aren't putting the organizer in a place where it is exposed to extreme heat or moisture.
  • Transfering certian medication into weekly pill boxes can be great, you will want to check the descriptions first to make sure there isn't a warning not to do so.

Information For All Pills

The safest thing you can do with pills that you rely on for your health is check with your pharmacist when you are getting your prescription filled. Your pharmascist will be able to give you the correct infromation for each medication you are prescribed.

Pill Organization

It is important to try to make sure you focus on the best ways of being able to improve your organization when it comes to medication. Finding the right pill cases can play a big part in this, but it is also important to understand the process when it comes to managing and looking after the medication properly. This is something that will allow you to improve this process as much as possible and there are plenty of excellent factors that will help you improve this. And understanding whether or not pills go bad if you move them from the blister pack and into a pill case is an important place to start.

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