Weekly Vitamin + Mission Pill Cases (Combo Pack)

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Mission - Exterior: 3.00" L x 1.75" W x 0.75" H

Weekly Vitamin - Exterior: 8.70" L x 2.10" W x 0.90" H

Mission - Compartment: 0.75" L x 1.50" W x 0.60" D

Weekly Vitamin - Cmpt: 1.00" L x 1.90" W x 0.80" D


Pill organizers are 100% approved by the TSA for air travel as stated on the TSA.gov website, just place your Ikigai Cases inside your toiletry bag.

There are over 5,000 customers carrying Ikigai Cases around the world without issue.

Note: Local areas may have laws against carrying certain medications, even if they are legal elsewhere. Please adhere to all local laws.

Weekly Vitamin + Mission Pill Cases (Combo Pack)

One Weekly Vitamin Case and One Mission Pill Case by Ikigai Cases. The diagram is showing storage capacity in each of the pockets. The metal pill boxes are meant to be used as travel pill boxes and weekly pill organizers.


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We engrave your initials right into the metal.
Two Matte Black Weekly Pill Cases by Ikigai Cases, shown in their gift packaging. Both metal pill cases have been engraved.
Two weekly pill cases by ikigai Cases, show with engravings. One case is Designer Red and the other is Matte Black. The pockets are full of large vitamins and small pills.

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Ikigai Cases uses best-in-class materials and manufacturing methods to create the Mission Collection.

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on every Ikigai Pill Case.

What sets our pill cases apart?
Matte Black Weekly Pill Organizer by Ikigai Cases. The metal pill box is shown floating in the air for dramatic effect.

Clean cut design.

Tons of storage.

Ikigai Cases traction pad shown close up. This feature is part of the metal pill box for the Mission Pill Case, Weekly Pill Case, Weekly Vitamin Organizer, and Weekly AM-PM Pill Case by Ikigai Cases.

Inspired traction pad.

Read about our Mission

Anodized for toughness.