Can I Put Birth Control in a Pill Organizer? Choosing the Right Birth Control Pill Case

Can I Put Birth Control in a Pill Organizer? Choosing the Right Birth Control Pill Case

Managing your birth control regimen can often feel like it requires excessive effort. Whether you’ve misplaced your bottle for the third time this week or are about to get intimate but can’t remember if you’ve taken your dose for the day, things can become chaotic quickly.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to staying on top of your reproductive health: a birth control pill organizer!

Now, you may be thinking– can I put birth control in a pill organizer? Doesn’t it need to stay in its bottle or blister pack?

You’re in luck, as there are plenty of cute birth control pill cases that are total game-changers. Imagine waking up each morning knowing exactly where your pills are. With a quality case, there’ll be no more frantically searching through your medicine cabinet or purse.

Of course, there’s a lot that separates the best pill organizers from their lesser counterparts. We will dive deep into the world of pill cases to help you find the right choice to help you take charge of your routines.

You will even learn where to find high-quality pill case organizers online– here at Ikigai Cases! With our 100% aluminum customizable designs, you’ll smoothly manage your medication and reclaim your peace of mind.

Why Keeping Up on Your Birth Control Schedule is So Important

Consistency is the key to birth control. Taking your scheduled doses isn’t just a helpful recommendation; it’s the main factor that keeps your hormone levels where you want them.

It’s this steady level of hormones that prevents pregnancy in the first place, and each dose refreshes that homeostasis. Missing even one dose can cause the entire balance to get thrown out of whack.

Suddenly, you’re vulnerable to unintended pregnancy, along with a host of hormonal issues. While you can try to make up for a missed pill by spacing out your missed doses, you still put yourself in a precarious position that will cause nothing but stress and anxiety.

Of course, the nature of standard pill bottles and blister packs makes it tricky to build a habit with them. You may be wondering if there’s a better way– can I put birth control in a pill organizer instead?

Can I Put Birth Control in a Pill Organizer?

Ok, but can I put my birth control pills in a pill organizer?

The answer is an emphatic yes– as long as you consider a few essential factors.

Types of Birth Control Pills Suitable for Organizers

There are so many options for birth control, each determining how you fill your organizer.

For example, extended-cycle birth control is taken for more than 2 months continuously, without a break for your period. This changes your cycle to having a period every 3 months.

However, they often feature extra strict dosing schedules, including a 7-day regimen at the end of the cycle with low or no estrogen to allow for a period. 

So, can I put birth control in a pill organizer with a 91-day dose?

Absolutely! A weekly case may be the best option for these pills, as you can set aside your inactive pills until you reach the end of your 3-month cycle.

Monthly birth control pills are easier to work with. These often come in 28-day packs, and filling your rectangular birth control pill case is as simple as placing one for each day of the week. You can then refill them each week.

Benefits of Using a Pill Organizer Case

You now know it works, but why should you invest in a birth control pill box?

The advantages of switching to a high-quality birth control pill organizer are countless. For starters, pill organizers are incredibly convenient. You can say goodbye to all those hours spent chaotically rifling through your belongings, trying to remember where you placed your bottle or blister pack. 

Put your case in your bag or pocket, and it’ll be a physical reminder to help you stay on track.

Beyond how to remember to take pills, a high-quality pill case is also excellent for travel. Whether you are just in transit from your home to work or you’re finally heading out on that dream vacation, you won’t have to worry about how to fly with pills and bottles. The best cases are TSA-friendly and help you stay organized on the go.

Plus, pill organizers help keep your precious medicine safe from the elements. To top it off, pill cases can be customized with fun designs that feel comfortable and bring a smile to your face each time you take your medicine!

Tips on Choosing the Right Rectangular Birth Control Pill Case

The first step in learning how to use a pill organizer is considering your regimen's needs. You’ll need to weigh how many pills fit in a case, how portable and secure they are, and whether they are durable enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear.

Size and Capacity

With so many pill case sizes, you’ll need to hone in on the specifics to find one that meets your needs. Your goal is to find the sweet spot of a case that can accommodate your needs without feeling overly bulky in your bag or pockets.

We recommend looking for a case with room for at least 28 pills to account for one complete cycle. You should also ensure there is enough space to lay out your pills for each day of the week to help you stay more organized as you fill the case.


Because the timing of your birth control is so vital, you’ll want a case that you can bring with you on the go.

After all, the entire point of transferring your pills to an organizer is to simplify things. Look for an organizer that is lightweight, compact, and designed with safety features that keep your pills secure.

Of course, keep your internal capacity needs in mind as well. If you can fit your entire month (or 3 months) of birth control and still bring your case with you on the go, you’ll know you’ve found that sweet spot.

Material Quality

The material your pill case is made of is one of the crucial factors that separates the highest quality cases from the rest. With something so essential and fragile as your birth control, you want to make sure you are taking all the steps needed to keep it safe.

Cheap, flimsy pill cases cost less, but they will fail when you need them most. Your pill case will be subjected to all types of wear and tear, whether it’s tossed into your bag, dropped on the floor, or opened and closed multiple times a day.

Birth control pills can be extra sensitive, which is a natural result of the delicate balance they need to maintain. They don’t respond well to extreme temperatures, humidity, or light levels, which you may know firsthand if you’ve ever left your pills in a hot car.

The best weekly pill organizers use premium materials like metal to handle everyday life and provide a secure, temperature-resistant environment that keeps your pills safe.

Design Features

The little details can significantly affect the benefits of switching to a pill case.

For example, an organizer with clear and engraved labels will help you look at your pills and know instantly whether you’ve taken your daily dose.

Labeling is just the start. Plenty of unique features elevate a case’s quality, like slide lids for easy open/close access or magnetic-pull-apart designs like those found on the best 14-day pill organizers.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your reproductive health is entirely personal, but often, the entire routine can feel monotonous and academic. Just think to yourself, can I put my birth control pills in a pill organizer– and enjoy it?

Your pill organizer will be a central part of your daily routine, so it's ideal to find something that brings you joy every time you look at it! The best pill cases today come in various colors, patterns, and designs to fit your tastes.

How to Use Your New Birth Control Pill Organizer to the Fullest

You’ve finally found a case that speaks to you and has all the features you need, but how do you use it?

Setting Up Your Pill Organizer for the First Time

Switching from knowing how to organize pill bottles to finding creative ways to fill your organizer is a breeze. Gather all of your pills, dosing instructions, and the case itself.

Depending on the size of your case, you’ll either be filling a week’s worth of pills across 7 compartments or your entire 28-day or 91-day supply across a full organizer. This is where having a clearly labeled organizer helps, as you can fill and refill your case quickly.

Establishing a Routine

Once your case is filled, it’s time to start building a habit. Find a time to designate to take your pills. This could be part of your morning routine with your morning coffee, at the office during lunch, or even right before you go to bed.

Incorporating Reminders

Even when you’re fully on top of your regimen, you may be a little forgetful. It’s crucial that you have safeguards to ensure you don’t miss a single dose.

Inject as much creativity as you can. It may inspire you to run through your morning playlist as an auditory reminder or use a phone app as an extra layer of security. The more effortless your reminders are, the greater the odds you will stick with the habit.

Maintaining Your Pill Organizer

While less glamorous than fun playlists, learning how to clean a pill organizer is a critical part of the process. Regularly inspect your case for any wear and tear that could compromise functionality.  You can wash the internal compartments with soap and water, allowing it to air-dry between refills.

Keep your case in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or extreme temperatures, and you’ll be good to go!

With that established, let’s talk about where to buy pill organizers for yourself!

Make Your Life Easier With a Cute Birth Control Pill Case at Ikigai Cases!

The right pill case makes all the difference in your reproductive health. Thankfully, you can find the best organizers right here at Ikigai Cases!

We founded our company with a vital mission: creating durable and accessible cases for all types of medication regimens. We watched as our father struggled with cheap case after cheap case, all of which either broke or were too difficult for him to open.

We decided enough was enough and set out to develop the best twice a day pill organizers. After settling on the durable material Aluminum 6061-T6 (also found in Apple products!), we then created an accessible slide latch that is easy to use and is the perfect defense against spills.

Our cases are TSA-friendly, customizable with anodized paint, and can handle everything from medication regimens to vitamins. Here’s a quick look at some of our best sellers:

  • Our AM PM pill cases are great for twice-a-day doses. We love the 2.0 case for its magnetic pull-apart design.
  • Standard weekly pill cases will do the trick for most birth control regimens. Just fill them up and leave aside a compartment for your extra pills, and you’ll never miss a dose!
  • Every case can serve as a vitamin organizer. Our 2-week vitamin case is our newest and largest offering, with a magnetic-pull apart design and plenty of fun color options.
  • We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty to ensure you find the perfect case for your regimen.

    Final Thoughts on Birth Control Pill Organizers

    Overall, can I put my birth control pills in a pill organizer?

    Absolutely! It’s the most reliable way to stay on top of your reproductive health, giving you organization and peace of mind even on the go.

    If you enjoyed learning about cute birth control pill cases, check out our blog for more! You’ll find other articles on medication management, like DIY pill organizers, pill organizers for elderly folks, and medication adherence apps vs pill organizers.

    Otherwise, Ikigai Cases is the #1 home for travel pill cases and daily pill cases alike. Visit our shop to browse our full collection and remove the stress from your birth control routine!

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