Weekly AM-PM Case 2.0

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The AM-PM Case is divided in half for day and night.

The case is connected by a set of four magnets that line the inside of the cases.

Two small cones paired with anchor holes prevent the two sides from twisting and sliding while they are magnetically connected.

To separate the case, simple pull apart the two sides to 'break' the magnetic connection.


Exterior (Combined): 8.70" L x 3.20" W x 1.20" H

Exterior (AM/PM Separate): 8.70" L x 1.60" W x 1.20" H

Compartment: 0.98" L x 1.30" W x 0.90" D


Pill organizers are 100% approved by the TSA for air travel as stated on the TSA.gov website, just place your Ikigai Cases inside your toiletry bag.

There are over 5,000 customers carrying Ikigai Cases around the world without issue.

Note: Local areas may have laws against carrying certain medications, even if they are legal elsewhere. Please adhere to all local laws.

Weekly AM-PM Case 2.0