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Weight: 0.26 lbs (4.16oz)

Exterior: 3.00" L x 1.75" W x 0.75" H

Compartment: 0.75" L x 1.50" W x 0.60" D


Pill organizers are 100% approved by the TSA for air travel as stated on the TSA.gov website, just place your Ikigai Cases inside your toiletry bag.

There are over 5,000 customers carrying Ikigai Cases around the world without issue.

Note: Local areas may have laws against carrying certain medications, even if they are legal elsewhere. Please adhere to all local laws.

Mission Pill Case




Real Customers. Amazing 5-star Reviews. 

Real Customers.
Amazing 5-star Reviews. 

1,300+ photo reviews and counting


We engrave your initials right into the metal.

Lifetime warranty icon

Ikigai Cases uses best-in-class materials and manufacturing methods to create the Mission Collection.

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on every Ikigai Pill Case.

What sets our pill cases apart?
Matte Black mission pill box being held in someone's hand. 100% metal pill box that functions as a travel pill box.

Clean cut design.

Matte Black Mission Pill Case by Ikigai Cases. The case is made from 100% metal and this photo is meant to illustrate the three pockets that can be used for travel pill organization.

Tons of storage.

Ikigai Cases traction pad shown close up. This feature is part of the metal pill box for the Mission Pill Case, Weekly Pill Case, Weekly Vitamin Organizer, and Weekly AM-PM Pill Case by Ikigai Cases.

Inspired traction pad.

Read about our Mission
Designer Red metal pill box by Ikigai Cases called the Mission Pill Case. Lying with lipstick, glasses, and heels - all red.

Anodized for toughness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
John Hyland

Perfect size - fits in my palm. Got me through a 2 week trip to Europe.

E. Hoffman
Color, feel, durability

This case is exactly as advertised. Extremely well built, easily engraved, very satisfying detent and feel.

A precision work or art

Best pill box ever. Exceptionally well made- precision machining and flawless anodizing. Just trying to decide which one to buy next. Pricey but definitely head and shoulders above all the other junk out there.

Scott S.

Expensive, but worth every penny! Very well made and I love the way the lid will stop at each compartment! Highly recommend!

Don A.

I absolutely LOVE this pill case!!
It is by far THE BEST, most durable, secure and well designed pill case I’ve ever had. I am definitely a customer for life and ready to choose another!
IKIGAI CASES are the best!!

Jehan A.

I'm a sucker for an over engineered container. Doubly so if it's gorgeously designed from just great materials. The Mission Pill Case (and Weekly Pill Case, which I bought at the same time) fit both of those bills perfectly. I mean look at the detent mechanism. It's great machining! Sliding the pill case open is superb. It snaps into place at each opening with a subtle but incredibly satisfying "click".

I bought 'em as travel companions because I was tired of sifting through my other containers for my daily meds, vitamins, and supplements whilst traveling. I've traveled with them twice and have another trip upcoming. I use the Daily for my Daily, and Mission for the occasional use meds like migraine meds, ibuprofen, etc, that I tend to keep in my backpack anyhow. Killer.

My wife will never know how much these goddamn things cost because I'll never tell her. But I'll know. And between me and the Internet, it was well worth it.

Mark W.

Good breakfast

Andrew D.

A beautiful designed addition to my travel kit. The case is made of precision machined aluminum with a very effective magnetic latch. It holds two weeks plus of all my medications/supplements, but is surprisingly compact. So glad I found Ikigai and love their choices of colors.

Michael M.

What I like about this is that they're actually three compartments. One compartment I use for four larger fish oil. It's perfect for when I travel and I love having morning and evening, separated without worrying about the lid opening up. The color choices can't be beat. By the way, if you don't need to travel with pills, this is a great utility case for smaller items in your toiletry kit.

Jeff R.

The mission pill case is perfect for travel or when space is limited. I frequently go on 2-4 day trips where I usually only have a backpack and this is the perfect accessory. It is solid and sturdy and made to last a lifetime. Excellent company that turns out quality products you can’t go wrong with!

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